National Prize Package

Overall Winners -Scholarship ($2,000 Total Scholarship, $500 of which will be awarded at crowning. The remainder will be awarded at the completion of their year reign) Custom UM crown, monogrammed upgraded banner, custom black velvet UM robe (use for one year), custom UM scepter, UM warm-up suit, UM satin jacket, crown case and scepter case, Autograph Cards, Car Magnets, UM Logo Car Window Decals, Personalized Social Media page, VIP Royalty Reception and Royalty Gift Exchange, Customized Year In Review Farewell Video, VIP Family Seating Passes for 2022 UM Nationals Finals, National Queen Photoshoot (Jenna Hazelwood Photography), Exclusive BB Couture Photoshoot (Jenna Hazelwood Photography), Photoshoot with CTWB & Sarah C Johnson, H/M Session (CTWB), Blue Package (CTWB), Radio Talk Show Appearance (CTWB), Wardrobe/Platform Development (CTWB), Custom UM Banner Bag (Banner Bags), Custom RACHEL ALLAN dress (Rachel Allan), 2 Custom Jewelry Pieces (MB Designs), Custom Sash Pin (MB Designs), Walk for a featured Designer in NYFW (VIP Pageantry), PLUS a group queens trip to New York City !! Over $100,000 worth of Scholarship and Awards!!


1st Alternate (Successor): Graduated UM custom Trophy, and $500 Cash Scholarship at crowning

2nd Alternate: Graduated UM custom Trophy, and $250 Cash Scholarship at crowning

3rd-10th Alternates: Graduated UM custom Trophy

Contestant Achievement Finalist: (contestants not in Top 10)-UM custom trophy