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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do you have to have talent to compete for the National Title?

A. No! We do offer talent as an Optional competition, but our overall competitions required for the National title are:

Ages 0-6 Years- Meet & Greet, Interview, Formal Wear, and Open Fashion.

Ages 7+ Years- Interview, Formal Wear, Open Fashion, and Personal Introduction. 

Q. Are you a point system pageant?

A. Yes! In the preliminary round of competitions each contestant has the opportunity to win up to 100 points from 4 weighted categories. All preliminary scores will be calculated to select the Top 10 from each age division. The top 10 will compete final night. Note preliminary scores will be carried over for final night judging.

Competition weighted categories-

0-6 years- Meet & Greet 10%, Formal Wear 30%, Open Fashion 30%, Interview 30%

7+ years- Personal Introduction 10%, Formal Wear 30%, Open Fashion 30%, Interview 30%

Q. Is there a schedule for Nationals yet?

A. Yes! Visit the National Website and click the Tab "Nationals" for complete information including the Schedule! 

Q. What are your clothing guidelines?

A. At UM our clothing rules are pretty simple! We want the competition to be stress free and fun. We encourage your competition clothing to be a direct reflection of YOU! High glitz or costume clothing is not recommended. This is Nationals, so make sure your clothing is well tailored, well put together and ready to take on the National's stage. Age-appropriate dresses and outfits are always a must! Rock the stage with your best!!

---Formal Wear: Formal dress

0-2 years length-short, strapless not allowed

3-6 years length-short or long, strapless not allowed

7-9 years length-long, slits must be to the knee. Strapless not allowed 

10-12 years length-long, slits must be to the knee. Strapless not allowed. 

13+ years length-long, strapless allowed. 

Two piece dresses are not allowed for any age. All should be age appropriate. 

---Open Fashion: All contestants will model an outfit of their personal style. Have fun with this competition, show your personal style. Note- Open Fashion can be as simple or formal as you like. All should be age appropriate. High glitz/Costumes not recommended. 

---Interview: Age-appropriate professional interview dress or business suit.

--Meet & Greet: (ages 0-6 years)/Personal Introduction (ages 7+ years) UM t-shirt (provided) with any bottoms of your choice. 

---Finals: Top 10 finalist will recompete by modeling Formal Wear. Following Top 10 remodeling, a Top 5 will be chosen. Those selected for Top 5 will compete in an on-stage interview competition. This will include a singular Q & A session between the contestant and emcee. 

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